How it Works

Venmo Payments:
To pay via Venmo you must use a device that has the Venmo app. When purchasing go through the checkout process as normal and select Paypal as your payment option. When you are sent to the Paypal login page there will be an option for Venmo. 

Once you place your order you will receive a confirmation email. Please email over your reference pictures and details as soon as possible. Turn around time is typically between 3 and 4 weeks. Once I receive all of these items I will start your order. For ornaments, I will complete the item and send a picture via email for your approval. All other paintings I will email a pencil proof for your approval, once approved I will complete the painting and send a final image. Once the order is approved I will ship the item or set up local pick up. 

Please find the category below for the item you purchased and follow the instructions for how to customize your order. 


Please email reference pictures of the subjects; house, pets, people, etc to

House Portraits

Please include any details; family name, dates, etc.

Pet Portraits

Please include any details: pet’s name, date if a memorial, etc. 

Ornaments and Family Portraits

Please include any details; family name, dates/year, outfit request such as sports jerseys, wedding attire, etc.